Regal Tents Range

70x40 Regal Tent at St KildaSound plays an important part in any event. As the material of the tent skins is the thickest of its kind, the Regal tent hire range is the ultimate in semi-permanent structures for the retention of sound within the venue, thus producing superb acoustics.

If safety consciousness is as much a priority for you as it is for us, no other marquees, circus tents and party tents can surpass ours for strength and wind-rating.

The Mega Tent was designed and manufactured in Italy by the world’s best manufacturers with public safety in mind and has been engineered to withstand wind velocities up to 130 knots. This tent is by far the most stable temporary structure in Australia.

The Mega Tent has been used successfully at the recent Commonwealth Games, for on location movie production studios, rock concerts and theatre productions. It has covered 10,000 people at the Big Day Out.

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