Comprehensive Warehousing Solutions

Somersault warehousing solutionsSomersault offers some innovative warehousing solutions and special uses for tents, including:

  • tent coverage for storm-damaged structures;
  • covering constructions or sites with noxious fume danger;
  • covering decontamination sites;
  • covering forensic sites;
  • coverage of roadside assistance sites;
  • large swimming pool coverage;
  • roof coverages;
  • weather protection for builders;
  • use on mining sites;
  • complete unit department and infrastructure for movie locations;
  • modular coverings for restaurants; and
  • secure storage.

Somersault is flexible and can adapt to your particular requirements.

In Sydney 2007, Somersault Productions provided rain protection for 400 de-roofed houses during freak winds and storms for the NRMA.


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