When A Big Top Tent Or Marquee Is A Good Option For Your Event

From festivals to corporate conferences, there are plenty of venue options that will help elevate your event experience. Hiring a marquee or a big top tent is one of those, and comes with countless additional benefits that sets it apart from traditional venues. Including more flexibility on location options, cost-effectiveness with catering and staff hire, flexibility with the decorations and weather protection for outdoor events.

Let’s look at a few event examples that would thrive in a marquee.


Conferences are often too boring to recall. It’s often in a convention centre or business suite of a hotel with branded paper, pens and bottled water. Hiring a marquee or a big top tent for your next conference may not be an obvious choice, but it sure would make it memorable. With a 

marquee hire, you are given the freedom to present your conference however you like – from food and decor to theming and branding. There is also the added benefit of taking your conference anywhere!

If you’re the organiser of the conference with an aim to inspire your guests, there are so many add-ons you could include to further elevate your event. From staging and lighting to hiring a couple of marquees and bringing in a band or performers to provide some light relief, there is a lot of opportunity to create a unique event.

Festival Tent Hire

Indeed, the majority of festivals happen outdoors! However, hiring a marquee (or several) for your festival event is a no-brainer. It provides shelter from the rain, shine and wind and also adds a great atmosphere for your event – whether it be music, comedy or other stage performances there is something intimate and special about a crowd being out in the elements, but protected by a temporary roof. Help make it a truly successful and memorable event by hiring staging, flooring and a good sound system.

The Majestic Marquee is a great option for festivals, with the roof extension providing coverage to allow guests to mingle by the edge or walk around the exterior of the marquee undercover. A Regal Tent is great for festival events too, with the material of the marquee giving superb sound retention.

Expositions and trade shows

Expositions usually call for large open spaces. Enter the big top tent or several smaller ‘Party Marquee’, perfect for individual stands.

With big expos and trade shows happening all year round, which are usually repeated, with a limited number of venues that have the capacity to host these events, there is sometimes a lack of diversity in this sector. 

Hiring a big top tent or several individual marquees for this type of event gives you freedom to create something unique, with much more flexibility on timings and location. Also, depending on where you choose to pitch the tent, there is an option to utilise space for ample parking and/or nearby public transport to attract visitors.

Large private events

If you’re looking to host a unique event that will give you more flexibility than a traditional venue would, then taking your function outdoors with the protection of a large marquee could be for you. Whether you’re hosting a formal black tie event or a laid-back function, a marquee provides a large open space that can be dressed up to your desire.

Let’s recap on a few benefits for hiring a marquee for your next event:


There’s no need to be tied down to an area. Instead, pick somewhere that is perfect for your event and convenient for guests.

Go nuts with a theme

Scale up the extravagance and dress the space how you want it – perfect for those hosts who have a vision that they don’t want to compromise on.

Cut costs

Hiring a function room or an entire venue comes with a few extra costs that can be avoided or reduced when opting to hire a marquee, including staffing, catering and bar fees, equipment hire and decorations.


Create a unique and special atmosphere that your guests wouldn’t experience anywhere else. There’s a sense of adventure and excitement that comes with a pop-up event.

Five Things To Consider When Hiring A Big Top Tent

Big top tents are showstoppers, there’s no doubt about that. Whether it’s rocking out to your favourite band, browsing the endless stalls of an exhibition or feasting at a formal banquet, these pop-up venues sure know how to make a scene.

Once the prime venue to see jugglers, clowns on unicycles and flying acrobats, this versatile big tent is now also an excellent option for a variety of large functions and events. However, before you get starry-eyed and start craving fairy floss, there’s a few logistics to mention.

Know your budget

How much do you have to spend? To ensure you execute your event well, it’s good to break down all the associated costs that come with hiring a marquee. After all, it’s not just the cost of hiring a big top tent. You may also need to think about staging, seating, lighting, sound, staffing and decorations, to name a few.

 Be sure to check out the other equipment hire that Somersault Productions can provide, which could save your precious time from researching other suppliers.

Hiring a big top tent can range in price depending on the size and the duration of hire, so it’s always good to speak to experienced staff on the best option available to suit your individual situation.

Finalise the numbers

How many people do you foresee attending your big top tent event? This is another important factor you need to address before getting your heart set on the tent of your dreams.

There are different types and sizes of big top tents available, so it’s good to have an ideal capacity in mind while researching your hire needs. For example the Majestic Marquee is a great option for festivals or more standing, informal events as it includes a roof extension, providing convenient coverage to allow guests to mingle by the edge or walk around the exterior of the marquee undercover. A Regal Tent is great for music events too, with the material of the marquee giving superb sound retention.

Timing is everything

Don’t leave it until the last minute to hire your big top tent! Not only do you risk the particular style of tent you have in mind not being available, but there are so many other moving pieces that are timely, including the hiring of other event equipment.

It’s always a good idea to plot a timeline – the Gantt Chart is a great option to track your time and organise deadlines. With so many balls in the air, purchasing different items and liaising with several suppliers at once, it’s so important to be ahead of the game!

Location logistics

Whether you’re looking to pitch your tent in the wild bushland, with a sea view or nestled within the high-rises, it’s always important to check the process of hiring a public space with the local council. There is not one size fits all when using a public space, and it can sometimes take several months to get council approval. A hurdle that could compromise your event!

Similarly, if it’s private land you’re using make sure you’re aware of all the requirements set by the landowner. Certain restrictions on capacity and noise levels could prevent your event from thriving. So ensure all the paperwork is thoroughly looked at before the contract is signed.

When deciding on the location, also ensure there is enough surrounding space for all your event needs to function well, including public toilets, adequate room between other marquees or tents, car parking as so on.

The support act

When hiring a big top tent, don’t forget about all the extras you need to make your event spectacular. From staging, flooring and fencing to furniture, lighting and sound, create a checklist of all the items that you need for your event so nothing is forgotten.

Many suppliers look after more than you think, so always check their offering on the website or make an inquiry to save time. As an example, Somersault Productions do everything from fire extinguishers and picket fences to pop up marquees and big top tents!

From music festivals and creative performances to private events and functions, big top tents are highly versatile and an excellent inclusion for an outdoor event. There are just a few factors to consider when planning to ensure your event is a success!

Five Reasons Why Hiring A Marquee Is A Great Option For Large Events

Elevate Your Next Event!

Here are five reasons why hiring a marquee is a great option for large events

For such a rigid structure, it’s a flexible option

Opting for a large, spacious marquee to house your next prestigious function provides a high-level of flexibility and convenience that you just don’t get with a traditional venue.

For large-scale events, marquees are the perfect venue. These circus-inspired tents offer plenty of open space. A blank canvas ready to be transformed into the next inspired event – whether that be a festival, exhibition, corporate event or one heck of a party. 

Marquees can pop up nearly everywhere! And with such a beautiful backyard that Australia boasts, why not take your event to an exciting new location. Somersault Productions is Australia-wide and has a variety of large marquees for hire. This is a great option if you’ve fallen in love with an area but can’t afford the venue, which usually comes with prime real estate.

Potential to save thousands

If you want to cut costs but don’t want to negotiate on quality then hiring a marquee for your large event should definitely be a consideration.

From the expensive catering package to cleaning costs, and all the extras in between, there are many additional associated costs that come with hiring a venue that can be eradicated when hiring a marquee instead.

Somersault Productions is your one-stop shop for other extras you may need to make your event a success, including chairs, tables, staging, flooring and much more all available to hire.

Food, anyway you like it

Fine dining, canapés, buffet or food trucks? Whatever you want to serve at your event you can! Hiring a marquee gives you that freedom and control, which puts you back in the driver’s seat and equipped with the tools needed to execute a successful event. It’s your event after all! Organising the catering and hiring of staff allows you to be self-sufficient, helping keep a handle on the event budget.

Let’s get versatile

Your event, your way – that’s what hiring a marquee can offer.

As mentioned before, a marquee is a blank canvas that is ready to be transformed into your dream venue. It’s a great option for those who have a vision for their event, want to get creative with a theme or want to choose their own decorations, furniture and features.

Somersault Productions has a variety of large marquees available for hire, with the only 50 metre wide tent in Australia – a great option for housing bigger events. Browse the range to see what type of tent will help make your event pop.

Venture to the outdoors

Soak up this beautiful country that we live in and erect your venue nearly anywhere in Australia!

Hiring a large marquee can help elevate your outdoor event, providing a good base and shelter for all weather conditions.

Somersault Productions’ tents are excellent for keeping guests comfortable because they’re made of thick, robust material that insulates against extreme temperatures, allowing you to host your outdoor event year-round.

Another great factor about outdoor events is the flexibility around timings. Many traditional venues get booked out months in advance especially in peak season, whereas hiring a marquee does not require a long lead time and can be organised all year round.

In summary, hiring a large marquee can help elevate your next event. It provides a high-level of flexibility that allows you to create the event you want and give your guests a memorable experience, and a cost-effective option that can be based in your dream location with fewer restrictions on timings. Hiring a marquee for a large event is a great option that shouldn’t be overlooked!


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