Five Reasons Why Hiring A Marquee Is A Great Option For Large Events

Elevate Your Next Event!

Here are five reasons why hiring a marquee is a great option for large events

For such a rigid structure, it’s a flexible option

Opting for a large, spacious marquee to house your next prestigious function provides a high-level of flexibility and convenience that you just don’t get with a traditional venue.

For large-scale events, marquees are the perfect venue. These circus-inspired tents offer plenty of open space. A blank canvas ready to be transformed into the next inspired event – whether that be a festival, exhibition, corporate event or one heck of a party. 

Marquees can pop up nearly everywhere! And with such a beautiful backyard that Australia boasts, why not take your event to an exciting new location. Somersault Productions is Australia-wide and has a variety of large marquees for hire. This is a great option if you’ve fallen in love with an area but can’t afford the venue, which usually comes with prime real estate.

Potential to save thousands

If you want to cut costs but don’t want to negotiate on quality then hiring a marquee for your large event should definitely be a consideration.

From the expensive catering package to cleaning costs, and all the extras in between, there are many additional associated costs that come with hiring a venue that can be eradicated when hiring a marquee instead.

Somersault Productions is your one-stop shop for other extras you may need to make your event a success, including chairs, tables, staging, flooring and much more all available to hire.

Food, anyway you like it

Fine dining, canapés, buffet or food trucks? Whatever you want to serve at your event you can! Hiring a marquee gives you that freedom and control, which puts you back in the driver’s seat and equipped with the tools needed to execute a successful event. It’s your event after all! Organising the catering and hiring of staff allows you to be self-sufficient, helping keep a handle on the event budget.

Let’s get versatile

Your event, your way – that’s what hiring a marquee can offer.

As mentioned before, a marquee is a blank canvas that is ready to be transformed into your dream venue. It’s a great option for those who have a vision for their event, want to get creative with a theme or want to choose their own decorations, furniture and features.

Somersault Productions has a variety of large marquees available for hire, with the only 50 metre wide tent in Australia – a great option for housing bigger events. Browse the range to see what type of tent will help make your event pop.

Venture to the outdoors

Soak up this beautiful country that we live in and erect your venue nearly anywhere in Australia!

Hiring a large marquee can help elevate your outdoor event, providing a good base and shelter for all weather conditions.

Somersault Productions’ tents are excellent for keeping guests comfortable because they’re made of thick, robust material that insulates against extreme temperatures, allowing you to host your outdoor event year-round.

Another great factor about outdoor events is the flexibility around timings. Many traditional venues get booked out months in advance especially in peak season, whereas hiring a marquee does not require a long lead time and can be organised all year round.

In summary, hiring a large marquee can help elevate your next event. It provides a high-level of flexibility that allows you to create the event you want and give your guests a memorable experience, and a cost-effective option that can be based in your dream location with fewer restrictions on timings. Hiring a marquee for a large event is a great option that shouldn’t be overlooked!


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