When A Big Top Tent Or Marquee Is A Good Option For Your Event

From festivals to corporate conferences, there are plenty of venue options that will help elevate your event experience. Hiring a marquee or a big top tent is one of those, and comes with countless additional benefits that sets it apart from traditional venues. Including more flexibility on location options, cost-effectiveness with catering and staff hire, flexibility with the decorations and weather protection for outdoor events.

Let’s look at a few event examples that would thrive in a marquee.


Conferences are often too boring to recall. It’s often in a convention centre or business suite of a hotel with branded paper, pens and bottled water. Hiring a marquee or a big top tent for your next conference may not be an obvious choice, but it sure would make it memorable. With a 

marquee hire, you are given the freedom to present your conference however you like – from food and decor to theming and branding. There is also the added benefit of taking your conference anywhere!

If you’re the organiser of the conference with an aim to inspire your guests, there are so many add-ons you could include to further elevate your event. From staging and lighting to hiring a couple of marquees and bringing in a band or performers to provide some light relief, there is a lot of opportunity to create a unique event.

Festival Tent Hire

Indeed, the majority of festivals happen outdoors! However, hiring a marquee (or several) for your festival event is a no-brainer. It provides shelter from the rain, shine and wind and also adds a great atmosphere for your event – whether it be music, comedy or other stage performances there is something intimate and special about a crowd being out in the elements, but protected by a temporary roof. Help make it a truly successful and memorable event by hiring staging, flooring and a good sound system.

The Majestic Marquee is a great option for festivals, with the roof extension providing coverage to allow guests to mingle by the edge or walk around the exterior of the marquee undercover. A Regal Tent is great for festival events too, with the material of the marquee giving superb sound retention.

Expositions and trade shows

Expositions usually call for large open spaces. Enter the big top tent or several smaller ‘Party Marquee’, perfect for individual stands.

With big expos and trade shows happening all year round, which are usually repeated, with a limited number of venues that have the capacity to host these events, there is sometimes a lack of diversity in this sector. 

Hiring a big top tent or several individual marquees for this type of event gives you freedom to create something unique, with much more flexibility on timings and location. Also, depending on where you choose to pitch the tent, there is an option to utilise space for ample parking and/or nearby public transport to attract visitors.

Large private events

If you’re looking to host a unique event that will give you more flexibility than a traditional venue would, then taking your function outdoors with the protection of a large marquee could be for you. Whether you’re hosting a formal black tie event or a laid-back function, a marquee provides a large open space that can be dressed up to your desire.

Let’s recap on a few benefits for hiring a marquee for your next event:


There’s no need to be tied down to an area. Instead, pick somewhere that is perfect for your event and convenient for guests.

Go nuts with a theme

Scale up the extravagance and dress the space how you want it – perfect for those hosts who have a vision that they don’t want to compromise on.

Cut costs

Hiring a function room or an entire venue comes with a few extra costs that can be avoided or reduced when opting to hire a marquee, including staffing, catering and bar fees, equipment hire and decorations.


Create a unique and special atmosphere that your guests wouldn’t experience anywhere else. There’s a sense of adventure and excitement that comes with a pop-up event.


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